Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chachapoyas: the Cloud Warriors of Peru

I wrote about the Chachpoyas in my blog article about King Arthur and the Comet. Sarah Shepherd on September 20 wrote in her article "Ancient European Races of the World Show up in Places though Impossible". "The Chachapoya were an Andean people of Peru thought to have inhabited the land around 800 AD. A tall, white race with blonde hair who built great structures high up in the mountains, they were known to the Inca as the "Cloud People".

Conquered by the Inca just years before the Spanish conquistadors arrived, the remaining Chachapoya were absorbed into and ruled by the Incan Empire.

The Chachapoya did not leave behind any written record. What is known of them comes from accounts like the one from Spanish chronicler Pedro Cieza de Leon who noted the Chachapoya were very white, that the men were handsome, the women were beautiful and that they were a gentle group of people.

DNA testing on the mummies they left behind showed the Chachapoya have markers that are associated with Europeans..."

I have seen that a few other websites also mention that the Chachapoyas have European markers but haven't as yet found any confirmation for this. I suspect that the later Chachapoyas population would have mixed origins with only a remnant of the original dna that would be related to European dna. It would seem that there is a campaign to hide the results of the dna of the Chachapoyas and to downplay the white origins of these people. There is today a racism in reverse in much of academia.

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