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Davidic Ancestry of Prince William and Prince Harry

Prince William and Prince Harry of Wales are the 75th generation in descent from Mar Joseph of Arimathea a kinsman of the Blessed Virgin. On the direct male line they descend from Nathan or Nascien the brother of St Joseph of Arimathea who was also known as the British King Tasciovanus (Tenantius/ Tenaufan). Some believe that Mar Joseph sat as Nasi (the Davidic Prince)in the Sanhedrin sometime after the death of Rabban Hillel the Elder. Mar Joseph was the son of Mar Hunya of Babylon son of the Babylonian Exilarch Solomon II. Mar Joseph was a disciple of Hillel. I believe that in the Second Temple times the Sanhedrin had three high seats or chairs called the 'Chair of David' for the Nasi who must be of Davidic lineage, the 'Chair of Aharon' for the High Priest and the 'chair of Moshe' for the Chief Rabbi who was also called Av Bet Din (Father of the House of Justice). This structure entered the early Church with the 'chair of Aharon' called the 'Chair of Peter'. St Peter sat in the 'chair of Peter' as the High Priest of the New covenant priesthood. St James the Great was the Nasi who sat in the 'Chair of David' now called the 'Chair of James' [after his departure for Spain St James the Just became the Nasi] and St John was the 'Av Bet Din' on the 'Chair of John'. The 'chair of Peter or Aaron' represented the priestly calling, the 'chair of David or James' the kingly and the Av Bet Din or 'chair of Moshe or John' the prophetic. The Wales brothers descend from the Royal House of King David through the Babylonian Exilarchs. On their mother's direct maternal line they are of Jewish ancestry from females of the Davidic House.

1.Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales (born 1981)
2.Charles Philip Arthur George Prince of Wales (born 1948)married Lady Diana Spencer
3.Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark duke of Edinburgh (born 1921) married Elizabeth II Queen of Great Britain
4.Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark (b. 1882 d.1944) married Princess Alice of Battenburg daughter of Prince Louis of Battenburg and Princess Victoria of Hesse
5.King (William)George I of Greece (b.1845 d.1913)married Grand Duchess Olga of Russia daughter of Grand Duke Constantine of Russia and Princess Elisabeth Alexandra of Saxe-Altenberg
6.King Christian IX of Denmark (b.1818 d.1906) married Princess Louise Wilhemina Fredericka Caroline Augusta Julie of Hesse-Cassel daughter of William X of Hesse Cassel and Princess Louise Charlotte of Denmark the daughter of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark
7.Duke Frederick William Paul Leopold (1785-1831)married Louise Caroline of Hesse-Cassel daughter of Charles of Hesse-Cassel and Princess Louise of Denmark the daughter of Frederick V King of Denmark [Duke Frederick William may have died young and been replaced by King Louis XVII]
8.Duke Ferderick Charles (1757-1816)married Fredericka Amalia of Schlieben daughter of Charles Leopold of Schlieben and Marie Eleanora of Lehndorf
9.Duke Charles Anthony Augustus(1727-1759)married Fredericka Countess of Dohna daughter of Albert of Dohna and Sophie Henrietta of Schleswig-HOlstein-Sondersberg-Beck
10.Duke Peter Augustus (1697-1775)married Sophie of Hessen-Phillipsthal daughter of Phillip of Hessen-Philippsthal and Catherine Amalia of Solms-Laubach
11.Duke Frederick Louis (1653-1728)married Louise Charlotte daughter of Duke Ernest Gunther of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg and Augusta of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg- Glucksburg
12.Duke Augustus Philip (1612-1675)married Marie Sibylla of Nassau-Saarbrucken daughter of William Louis Duke of Nassau-
Saarbrucken and Anne Amelia of Baden-Durlach
13.Duke Alexander (1573-1627)married Dorothea of Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen daughter of Johann Gunther I of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen and Anne of Oldenburg
14.Duke Johann of Schleswig- Holstein-Sonderburg (1545-1622)married Elisabeth of Brunswick-Grubenhagen daughter of Duke Ernest of Brunswick- Grubenhagen and Anne Margaret of Pommern-Stettin
15.King Christian III of Denmark (1503-1559)married Dorothea of Saxe-Lauenburg daughter of Magnus I Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg and Katharina of Brunswich- Wolfenbuetel
16.King Frederick I of Denmark (1471-1533)married Anna of Brandenburg daughter of Johann Cicero Elector of Brandenburg and Margarethe of Saxony
17.King Christian I of Denmark and Norway (1426-1481)married Dorothea of Brandenburg daughter of Johann Margrave of Brandenburg and Barbara of Saxe-Wittenburg
18.Count Deitrich II the Fortunate of Oldenburg (1390-1440)married Heilwig of Holstein daughter of Gerhard VI Duke of Silesia and Catharina of Brunswick- Luneburg
19.Count Christian V (1340-1399)married Agnes of Honstein-Herringen daughter of Dietrich V Count of Honstein and Sophie Countess of Brunswick
20.Count Conrad I of Oldenburg(died 1347)married Ingeborg of Holstein- Segeburg daughter of Gerard IV of Holstein-Segeburg and Anastasia of Wittenberg
21.Count Johann II married Hedwig of Diephol daughter of Conrad V of Diephol and Hedwig of Rietberg
22.Count Christian III of Oldenburg married Hedwig of Oldenburg-Wildeshausen daughter of Heinrich IV of Oldenburg-Wildeshausen and Elisabeth of Techlenburg
23.Count Johann I married Rixa of Hoya daughter of Heinrich of Hoya and Hedwig (Ava/Eve)
24.Count Christian II of Oldenburg married Agnes of Altena daughter of Arnold III of Altena and Adelheide of Heinsberg
25.Count Moritz married Salome of Wickerode daughter of Count Otto of Wickerode and Adelheid
26.Count Christian I of Oldenburg married Cunigunde of Loccum daughter of Burchard of Loccum
27.Count Elimar II (died 1143)married Eilika of Armsberg daughter of Heinrich of Rietburg
28.Count Elimar I (Mar Eli/Egilmar)married Rixa of Oldenburg daughter of Johann of Oldenburg
29.Hayo (Mar Eliyahu Hiyya) of Frisia (Eliyas the Swan Knight/Helias Count of Maine)married Rixa (Beatrix/ Reyna)daughter of Joseph Orobed and Druda (Doda) Perfet bat Sheshet
30.Mar Aharon 'Hen Tzvi' Barzillai ben Eliyahu of Barcelona (Warin of Lorraine/Lohengrin) - married Gracia(Hannah/Beatrix)daughter of Mar Isaac Halabu of Barcelona and Bonadona Azara Perfet
31.Mar Eliyahu ben Mar Barzillai of Barcelona (aka Richard Mari)- married Bilhah Perfet daughter of Bouchard Prefect of the Royal Hunt and his wife Ava (Alberada) de Lorraine
32.Mar Barzillai of Allepo and Barcelona (born c.960)- married Sarah Bat Mar Shlomo ben Azarya
33.Mar Isaac Haim of Allepo (Halabu)
34.Mar Yishai married Sarah bat Mar Judah
35.Solomon Exilarch of Babylon
36.Josiah of Khoresan Babylonian Exilarch (born 860)married Judith daughter of Baldwin I Brasdefer(Barzilay)and Judith of Franks
37.Mar Zakkai ben David
38.David I ben Judah Exilarch of Babylon (cousin of Mar Isaac Iskoi II Babylonian Exilarch)
39.Mar Judah of Babylon (brother of Mar Moses Babylonian Exilarch)
40.Mar Isaac Kalonymus (William) of Babylon and Narbonne
41.Nehemiah Ha Makiri King of Ripaurien and Saxony
42.Machir Todros (Theuderic) Jewish King of Septimania and Western Exilarch (b.710)married Princess Alda
43.Judah Zakkai (Eudes/Eudo)King of Aquitaine and Babylonian Exilarch (b.690) married Shoshanna (Rozelinde)of Babylon.
44.Mar Ahunai of the Holy Land [Hernaut de Beauland] married Dode (Ita)daughter of Ansegisel of Aquitaine and Rebecca (Begga)His sister Berthe marrried Natronai ben Nehemiah (Norbert of Aquitiane)
45.Mar Abu Aharon (Garin) married Hermenjart daughter of the Exilarch Heman ben Shallum ben Hushiel. Brother of Bat Chasdai who married Prince Nehemiah ben Hananiah of Babylon
46.Mar Chasdai II Exilarch of Babylon. Brother of Hananiah Gaon of Sura
47.Mar Adoi (Adal) married Hepzibah daughter of Mar Nehemiah ben Hushiel Governor of Jerusalem
48.Bostanoi Exilarch of Babylon (b.580)
49.Mar Hananiah Exilarch (b.560) [brother of Mar Hushiel]
50.Mar Ithiel Hayyim ha Nasi
51.Mar Amorai (Amr/Machir)
52.King Arthur Mor of Britain (brother of Mar Kafnai (Custeynn/ Constantine) Exilarch of Babylon and British Prince) married Princess Ceindrich daughter of King Elutherius (Elidyr/ Uther PenDragon)
53.Huna Mar (Cunomor/Ahunai) Exilarch and British King
54.Nathan Todros (Tudwal) British King and Judiarch (b.460) married Princess Corun daughter of King Erbin (Erb) of Gwent
55.Nehunia (Nennius/Ninian) British Jewish Prince
56.Nathan Mar (Neithon Morbet/Tewdfalch/ Theodosius)King of Picts and British Jewish King (b.420) married Lady Corun daughter of Ceredig son of Cunedda (Mar Chuna/ Constantine)
57. Erbin (Eber Scot)Rosh Galuta Scoti (b.400) married Princess Ceneu daughter of Eudaf Hen (Mar Judah Hen ben Mar Chuna)
58. St. Ninian of Scotia
59. Mar Chasdai Golomh (Chasdub)of Spain married Princess Scota daughter of Raphael VII Nathan (Tegfan) Rosh Galuta Scoti
60.Nathan II Exilarch of Babylon (died 400)
59.Abba Mari Exilarch of Babylon (c.320-370)
61. Mar Ukba III Exilarch of Babylon
62. Nehemiah the Babylonian Exilarch
63. Rafael IV Heber (Urban/Erbin) Rosh Galuta Scotti [brother-in-law of Rabbanu Nehemiah of Babylon and Nathan Mar Ukba II] married Esther (Earca) of Babylon daughter of Nathan I Ukba Babylonian Exilarch
64.  Rafael III Gideon (Gratien/ Geta) Rosh Galuta Scotti married Empress Barbia Orbiana
65. Raphael II Metallanus (Iumetel) Rosh Galuta Scoti (b.200 AD)[ cousin of Huna II Babylonian Exilarch] married Lady Severa daughter of the Emperor Septimius Severus and Julia Domna
66. Lady Judith (Julia) of Scots and Babylon [b.181] married Raphael I Judah Rosh Galuta Scoti [b.172 AD d.217] (brother of Nathan Mar Ukba I Babylonian Exilarch and Herennia Orbiana ) son of  Gaius Julius Bassus of Emesa in Scotland [b.140] and Lady Claudia (Chaya) of Scots [b.142]
67. Nehunia Rosh Galuta Scotia and Babylonian Exilarch (b.160) married Julia Sohaemus of Emesa in Scotland [b.162] daughter of Gaius Julius Longinus Sohaemus of Emesa in Scotland [b.138]. Gauis Julius Bassus was the son of Johanan (Yochanan) (son of Nathaniel I) who took the name Gaius Julius Sohaemus on his marriage to Lady Julia Sohaemus of Emesa in Syria and was the Roman King of Armenia.
68. Lady Eurgen of Scotti married Nathaniel IV Rosh Galuta Scotti son of Nathaniel II (Einudd) Rosh Galuta Scotti
69.  Nathaniel III (Nenual/Naisi) Rosh Galuta Scotia (b.122) [brother of Nathaniel II (Ennysien/Einudd/Usnach)Rosh Galuta Scoti (b.120)] married Esther (Strada Cambria) of Camelon daughter of Mar Gideon of Camelon (Cadvan Cambrius) and Princess Lucina
70. Nathaniel I (Nenual)Rosh Galuta Scoti (b.92 AD)married Eurgen (Johanna) Bat Scotia [b.89] the daughter of  Gaius Lucinius Lucullus Sallustius and Princess Eurgen (Europa/ Johanna) Marcella of Britain [b.60 AD]
71. Pinchas b. Phares Rosh Galuta Scotia (aka Pinchi Babylonian Exilarch (b.76 AD d.130) married Lady Beliat of Lud (Leudonia) [b.77] daughter of Bran (Hebron) the Fisher King and Anna of Avalon (Glas Isle/ Sallog)
72. Mar Phares Fisher Lord (Dayag Adon) (Feradach/Feradag) Rosh Galuta Scotia (b.53 AD) married Bat Scotia [b.55 AD] daughter of Meurig Cyllin (Marius Claudius Marcellus) King in Britian and Julia Bat Scota Pennardun (Penardim/ Beni Nathanim) a daughter of St Andrew
73. Mar Nathan the Red (Nuada)Rosh Galuta Eran married Fianna (Fiona) daughter of Elemar of the Milesians and Inda of Rhoda
74. Mar Gilad ben Joseph (Gilead/Galahad/Giallchad)married Nissyah Naire daughter of Nataniel bar Tolmai
75. Mar Joseph of Arimathea Fisher King married Johanna (Eurgen/Elyab)

However it may be that this is not the true lineage of Prince William and Harry. The safest place was to hide him among the Royal families and he may have been hidden by the Oldenburg and British Royal family in one of their branches. Princes William and Harry may be the direct male line descendants of King Louis XVII the young son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of Austria. There are two possible claimants in the Oldenburg family. Christian IX of Denmark may have been the son of Louis XVII. Both Louis XVII and Duke Frederick William were born in 1785 and it is believed that Louis escaped in 1794 from his imprisonment and he was eventually taken in secret by the Oldenburg family and when their only son Frederick William died he was substituted as the son of Friedrich Karl Ludwig, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck. It is stated by many Catholic mystics that Louis XVII escaped and left descendants - one of whom would become the Great Monarch Henry.
King Louis XVII

It is interesting that this son of Freidrich Karl Ludwig and his wife (who was considered socially inferior to him) would be elevated to such honours and that his son Christian IX would become King of Denmark. However Louis XVII (alias Duke Frederick William)was made the first Duke Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Gl├╝cksburg and married to Louise Caroline of Hesse- Kassel a granddaughter of King Frederick V of Denmark. Their son Christian was chosen to found the new dynasty of the Kings of Denmark and Christian married Louise of Hesse a niece of King Christian VIII in 1842. However it is possible that it was Christian IX's wife Louise of Hesse's father William who was Louis XVII that was taken into the Hesse family and hidden among them. Thus it was her father William of Hesse-Kassel that was really Louis. Thus Prince William and Harry are only maternal descendants of Louis XVII. William (Louis?) married Princess Louise Charlotte of Denmark and his son Frederick William b.1820 was possibly the true heir to the Bourbon Throne.

King Christian IX of Denmark

King Louis XVI of France

The alternative male line ancestry of Prince Harry

1. Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales
2. Charles Arthur Philip George Prince of Wales
3. Philip Duke of Edinburgh and Prince of
Greece and Denmark
4. Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark
5. King George I of Greece
6. King Christian IX of Denmark married Princess Louise of Hesse
7. King Louis XVII of France (alias Duke Frederick William of Glucksburg)[born 1785 died 1831] or [ Prince William of Hesse father of Queen Louise wife of Christian IX]
8. King Louis XVI of France
9. Louis the Dauphin of France
10. King Louis XV of France
11. Louis the Dauphin of France
12 Louis the Grand Dauphin of France
13 King Louis XIV of France
14. King Louis XIII of France
15. King Henry IV of France
16. Antoine Duke of Vendome married Jeanne Queen of Navarre
17. Charles Duke of Vendome
18. Frances Duke of Vendome
19. John VIII Count of Vendome
20. Louis I Count of Vendome
21. John I Count of La Marche
22. James I Count of La Marche
23. Louis I Duke of Bourbon
24. Robert Count of Clermont
25. King St. Louis IX of France

Female Line Ancestry

1.Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales (born 1984)
2.Lady Diana Frances Spencer
3.Hon. Frances Ruth Burke-Roche
4.Ruth Sylvia Gill (Lady Fermoy)
5.Ruth Littlejohn
6.Jane Crombie (1843-1917)
7.Katherine Scott Forbes (b.1812) [not to be confused with her cousin Katherine Scott Forbes b.1807 the daughter of John Jacob Forbes and Maria Rostowski]
8.Theodore Forbes (1788-1820 married (Eliza Kewark  an Armenian Indian Jewess)
9. Yehuda Farber (aka John Forbes of Boyndlie) (b.1763) married Catherine Scott (Scotnicki) daughter of Alexander Scott (Scotnicki) who was a Frankist soldier who also served in India under the British.
9 .Ruth (Maria) Dinah Jacob (b.1741) married Alexander Farber (second husband)
10.Chaya Falkon (married Jacob Leib Frank)
11.Sarah Sarfaty (married Rabbi Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk)
12.Lea Namias de Crasto (married Aron Samuel Sarfaty)
13.Sara Levy Ximenes (married Immanuel Namias de Crasto)
14.Gracia Franco Mendes (married Abraham Levy Ximenes)
15.Esther Branca Fernandes (married Mordechai Melchior Franco)
16.Gracia Brites de Abranches (married Domingo Marques)
17.Isabel Mendes (married Fernando Luarenco de Abranches)
18. Gracia la Chica Mendes (married Samuel Nasi)
19. Brianda (Reyna) de Luna (married Diogo Mendes)
20. Phillipa Mendes (married Alvaro de Luna)
21.Beatriz de Luna (married Abraham Benveniste)
22.Reyna de la Cavellaria (married Diego de Luna)
23.Tolosana de la Cavelleria (married Benveniste Judah de la Cavelleria)
23.Gracia Benveniste (married Bonafos de la Cavelleria)
24. Tolrana Gracian (married Vidal Benvenist)
25. Reyna Shealtiel (married Saltell Moshe Gracian)
26. Druda Saltell (married Saltell Gracian)[1300]
27. Reyna Astruch(married Solomon Bonafus Saltell)
28. Tolosana Gracian (married Vidal Asrtuch)
29. Dolsa Kassin Kalonymus (married Perfet Gracian Hen son of Vidal Zerachia Hen)
30. Tolosana Gracian (married Todros Makir Kassin of France son of Solomon Barbur of Ireland and Dolsa Kalonymus)
31. Reyna bat Sheshet (married Vidal Zerachia Gracian son of Isaac Gracian Hen)[1200]
30. Dolsa Kalonymus (married Sheshet Perfet son of Solomon Perfet)
31. Tolosana Benveniste (married Kalonymus)
32. Druda Perfet(married Joseph Benveniste son of Solomon Benveniste)
33. Druda Saltell(married Nasi Gershon Bonnom Perfet son of Moshe Perfet)
34. Reyna (married Mar Shealtiel of Barcelona)
35. Reyna Halabu [married R. Sheshet Bouchard II of Isle Bouchard son of Meshullam Bouchard Prefect of the Royal Hunt]
36. Sarah bat Solomon [married Mar Barzilay Halabu son of Mar Issac]

1. Saltell Moshe Gracian
2. Moshe Saltell b.1300 Barcelona
3. Saltell Gracian-Hen
4. Moshe Gracian-Hen
5. Todros Gracian Hen b.1240
6. Perfect Gracian Hen (married Dolsa Morfydd)
7. Zerachia Vidal Gracian (married Reyna)
8. Isaac Gracian Hen b.1155
9. Zerachia Gracian Hen
10. Isaac Hen - married Bilhah Perfet daughter of Sheshet Perfet
11. Eliyahu Hen (Richard Bohun)
12. Solomon bar Hen Tzvi (Katzin ha Barbur/ Humphrey cum Barba)Mar Sulieman (Sulam)
13. Mar Aharon Hen Tzvi Barzillai (aka Henry Mari)

1.Todros Gracian Hen b.1240 Barcelona
2.Dolsa Kalonymus (married Perfet Gracian Hen)
3.Todros Machir Kassin
4. Solomon Barbur (married Dolsa Kalonymus)
5. Naptali Tzvi (Cathal)of Kerry, Ireland married Muirgheal (Muriel)daughter of Todros
6. Adon Barzel (Aodh)of Dunkerron
7. Mar Solomon Barbur (Mar Sulieman/Sullivan Mor)
8. Mar Aharon Hen (Lorcan/Lohengrin)of Ireland
9. Mar Solomon (Barbur ha Katzin) bar Hen Tzvi (Hunfroi/Humphrey cum Barba)
10. Aharon Hen Tzvi Barzillai (Lohengrin the Swan Knight)
11. Mar Eliyahu(brother of Mar Isaac of Barcelona)married Bilhah Dhoude (Billeheude) Perfet daughter of Meshullam Bourchard Prefect of the Royal Hunt
12. Mar Barzilay (married Sarah bat Mar Solomon)

An important book in Davidic genealogy

Moshe Shaltiel-Gracian believes that Mar Issac of Barcelona was a son of Exilarch Hezekiah II. Until recently I was ready to accept this identification. However with further reflection I believe he was the son of Mar Barzilay of Barcelona. The young sons of Hezekiah mentioned by certain Jewish sources I believe to be the young grandsons of Hezekiah called Mar Haim and Mar Hezekiah sons of Mar David son of Hezekiah II who was executed in 1058. In the past a believed that Mar Barzilay was a brother or cousin of Hezekiah II. I now believe he is the son of Mar Isaac Haim of Allepo (Halabu is the name of Alleppo) son of Mar Yishai grandson of the Josiah of Khoresan. The descendants of Mar Barzilay were called the Barzeloni. However I do believe that the Benveniste and some of the Shaltiel families descend from Mar David son of Exilarch Hezekiah through a maternal line. The Benveniste ha Levi of Barcelona family on the direct male line descend from the Narbonne Benveniste ha Levi family. Joseph Benveniste ha Levi of Narbonne is the ancestor of the Spanish Benveniste family but not on the direct male line. Solomon Benveniste ha Levi was the son of Joseph Benveniste  ben Merwan ha Levi whose mother was a descendant of Makhir Todros the Jewish King of Septimania. Solomon Benveniste ha Levi (b.1005) was a  maternal great-grandfather of Isaac Benveniste Shaltiel and Moshe Benveniste who both married Reyna of Barcelona. Their older brother Baron Solomon Benveniste married Reyna's sister Bonadona Perfet and were the parents of Sheshet Perfet Shaltiel. I also believe that Mar Sulam or Solomon refers to Mar Sulieman not Meshullam. In Hebrew Perfet is Meshullam. Meshullam is a name in the Kalonymus Family of Septimania. Solomon, Moshe and Isaac Benveniste were the sons of Joseph Benveniste. Joseph Benveniste was the son of Reyna Benveniste ha Levi (the daughter of Solomon Benveniste ha Levi and his wife Bonadona Shaltiel (b.1012 Barcelona) and Isaac Alfaquim Hunza (the son of Mir Ghazan (Guaimar V of Salerno) and his wife Imma Muriel Barzeloni. The Saltiel/ Shealtiel family descend from Isaac Benveniste Saltiel (b.1086) and his wife Reyna Perfet through their son Solomon Saltiel Perfet.

1. Tolosana Benveniste (married Makir Perfet)
2. Sheshet Benveniste
3. Reyna of Barcelona married Isaac Benveniste (son of Yosef Benveniste of Narbonne)
4. Mar Saltell
5. Mar Isaac Shaltiel b. 1030 married
6. Mar Shealtiel b. 1010 (married Reyna Perfet)
7. Mar Isaac b. 990 married Druda Perfet daughter of Bouchard Prefect of the Royal Hunt
8. Mar Barzilay of Allepo and Barcelona

One line of Bohun ancestry

1. Prince William
2. Charles Prince of Wales
3. Elizabeth II Queen of Britain
4. George VI King of Britain
5. George V
6. Edward VII
7. Queen Victoria
8. Edward Duke of Kent
9. George III
10 Frederick Lewis Prince of Wales
11. George II
12 George I
13 Princess Sophia of Bohemia Electress of Hanover
14. Princess Elizabeth Stuart Queen of Bohemia
15. James I of Britain
16. Mary Queen of Scots
17. James V King of Scotland
18. Princess Maragret Tudor Queen of Scotland
19. Henry VII King of England
20. Lady Maragret Beaufort
21. Lady Margaret Beauchamp
22. Baron John Bledsloe Beauchamp
23. Lady Mary Beauchamp married Baron John Beauchamp
22 Lady Joan FitzAlan married Baron William Beauchamp of Abergavenny
23. Lady Elizabeth de Bohun married Richard FitzAlan Earl of Arundel
24. William de Bohun Earl of Northampton
25. Humphrey de Bohun Earl of Hereford and Essex
26. Humphrey de Bohun Earl of Hereford and Essex marrried Maud de Fiennes
27. Sir Humphrey de Bohun married eleanor Braose
28. Humphrey de Bohun Earl of Hereford and Essex married Maud de Lusignan
29. Henry de Bohun Earl of Hereford married Maud FitzGeoffrey Countess of Essex
30. Constable Humphrey de Bohun b.1150 married Margery of Gloucester
31. Baron Humphrey de Bohun Steward of England [b.1120] married Matilda de Evreux
32. Baron Humphrey Mar de Bohun married Lady Maud of Salisbury
33. Humphrey Mar cum Barba (Hunfroi/Hun Tzvi/ Humphrey Mari)aka Solomon Barbur ha Katzin (Swan Knight)married Ximena (Simone) daughter of Lain Calvo (Lachlan)of Castile and Gila (Giolla) of Dunkerron
34. Mar Aharon "Hen Tzvi" Barzillai (aka Sir Henry Mari de Bohun/ Count Humphrey of Apulia)
35. Mar Eliyahu (aka Richard Mari de Bohun)married Billeheude (Bilhah Dhoude Perfet)

Henry VII Tudor

Henry VII maternal ancestry

1. Henry VII Tudor King of England
2. Lady Maragret Beaufort
3. Lady Mararet Beauchamp
4. Edith Stourton died 13 June 1441 marrried Baron John Beauchamp
5. Joan Basset (Lady Stourton) married Sir John Stourton
6. Joan de Grey married Lord Ralph Basset
7. Lady Anne de Ferrers married Baron John de Grey of Wilton
8. Lady Anne Despencer married Sir William de Ferrers of Groby [b.1240]
9. Lady Aliva de Louvaine married Sir Hugh Despencer
10. Muriel of Dunkerron married Sir Matthew de Louvaine
11. Muirgheal (Muriel)[b.1160] married to Cathal of Dunkerron, Ireland (Naphtali Tzvi)the Swan Lord
12. Todros of Narbonne Jewish Exilarch of the West son of R. Kalonymus the Great of Narbonne

1. Baron John de Grey of Wilton married Lady Anne Ferrers
2. Baron Reginald de Grey of Wilton married Maud FitzHugh de Longchamp
3. Baron John de Grey b.1205 married Emma de Cauz
4. Sir Henry de Grey maried Isolda Bardolf
5. Hawise (Eva)de Grey married John de Grey
6. John de Grey
7. Henry de Grey of Croy married Ellen de Bohun daughter of Humphrey cum Barba (Mar Sulieman Barbur)
8.Reynold de Crai of Croy (Aron Aluf/ Arnold) [b.1058] married Joan Ponte de L'Arche
9. John de Croy of Flanders (b.1033) married Adeliza FitzOsbern daughter of William FitzOsbern Earl of Hereford and Adeliza de Toeni
10. Reynold of Falaise (aka Mar Reuven/ Rinaldo) Lord of Croy in Flanders married Angelica di Hunza
11. Mar Eliyahu Hiyya Halabu(Fulbert/Tancred)married Bilhah Druda Perfet daughter of Meshullam Bourchard Prefect of the Royal Hunt

Another line

1. Lady Anne de Ferrers b.1258
2. Sir William de Ferrers [b.1240] married Lady Anne Despencer
3. William de Ferrers 5th Earl of Derby [b.1193] married Maragret de Quincy
4. William de Ferrers 4th Earl of Derby [b.1162] married Agnes de Meschines
5. William Robert de Ferrers 3rd Earl of Derby [b.] married Sybil de Braiose
6. Robert de Ferrers 2nd Earl of Derby [of Acre] [b.1100] married Margaret Peverell
7. Robert (Reuben)de Ferrers 1st Earl of Derby [b.1062] married Hawise (Ava) de Vitre
8. Sir Henry de Ferrers (aka Mar Aharon Barzillai] [b.1036]brother of Mar Reuben Barzillai married Bertha Roberts (Reyna Rodrigues)
9. Mar Nathan Kalonymus Barzillai (Walkelin/ Walchelinde de Ferrers/ William Warlenc/ William the Iron Arm)married Mabilie de Wallincourt daughter of Lord Adam de Wallincourt of Flanders
10. Mar Eliyahu ben Barzillai (Richard Mari de Bohun Ferrers)
11. Mar Barzilay of Aleppo and Barcelona (Ferrers/ Ferrier/ Ferreol = Barzilay)

Many different genealogies trace back to the family of Mar Eliyahu ben Barzillai giving him different ancestral names. He left Barcelona for Flanders and Normandy. He took Richard as his Frankish name, Mari Bohun de Ferrers was his title as Princely Captain of the Barzeloni. Both Fulbert and Tancred are aliases or nicknames given to him at different phases of his life. He also had two wives and a very large family. Many of his descendants would go to Sicily and battle the Saracens. His son Mar Nathan Kalonymus Barzillai was also called William Iron-Arm (Barzillai/Bras-de-fer) and in the Ganza chansons Ferrau. The Saracens called him Wala Kalon of the Ferrau (i.e. Barzeloni). He was named for his ancestor William de Gellone (Natan Kalonymus) a son of Makhir of Narbonne. His brother Reynold de Falaise was called Rinaldo in the Ganza chansons of Sicily and Rinaldo married the beautiful eastern princess Angelica de Hunza who lived with her brother Argalia at Yhanazria (San Michele di Ganzaria) in Sicily. William’s daughter Eremburga was called Bradimante in the Chansons and she married her half-uncle Rogero. The chansons are confused about the ancestry of Rogero stating he is a descendant of Alexander the Great and a Davidic Prince. It is Angelica and her brother Argalia of Hunza who descend from Alexander the Great. Rogero is indeed a Davidic prince of the House of the Barzeloni for whom Barcelona was named.

The Sicilian chansons confuse Rogero with his grandnephew Rogero de Hunza son of Argalia de Hunza and his wife Imma Muriel haBarzeloni (Ferrau). Imma Muriel was the sister of Eremburga the second wife of Rogero (who he married in1077). Rogero de Este was the son of Mar Eliyahu (aka Richard Mari Tancredi de Hautville) and his second wife Fressenda de Este. Fressenda de Este was a daughter of Albert Azo I the Marquis de Este by marriage to Osberta the heiress of Este. In the chansons Tancred de Hautville (Mar Eliyahu) has been confused with his grandson Tancred de Hunza (brother of Rogero de Hunza). Argalia ( or Guglielmo) like his sister was very good looking and was known as Adonis (Odonis/Odo) and Le Bon and was often just referred to as ‘the Marquis’. Many writers refer to Imma Muriel as Emma and some claim she is the daughter of Robert Guiscard and others his sister. She is actually his neice. Argalia de Hunza’s son was Tancred the Crusader Prince of Antioch and Galilee who went to the Holy Land with Bohemond his older cousin. Tancred’s sister Altrude de Hunza married her cousin Richard of the Principate the son of Drogo (Rinaldo) and Bradimante (Eremburga). Tancred’s brother Rogero Guglielmo (aka Gui) has been mistaken as a son of Tancred de Hautville. The problem arises in that historians record that Drogo (Rinaldo)’s brother William Ferrebrachia (Iron Arm) as having died in 1046 when Drogo became the Count of Apulia. He didn’t die but abdicated and left Sicily with his family for a number of years. He later returned in 1053 with his brothers Geoffrey and Mauger and his brother Count Humphrey (Mar Aharon Barzillai) of Apulia made him the Count of the Principate. The accounts confuse him with his grandson Rogero Guglielmo de Hunza who married Maria of Salerno and was also Count of the Principate. He later went to the Holy Land. His sons were Robert (Reuven), Tancred (Eliyahu) de Syracuse, Rinaldo (Raphael) de Ganzaria. Rinaldo de Ganzaria (aka Raphael haGanza) is the ancestor of the Jewish Ganza family of San Michele de Ganzaria. Raphael was a silk merchant.

Henry VII Tudor's Paternal Ancestry

1. Henry VII King of England married Princess Elizabeth of York
2. Edmund Tudor Earl of Richmond married Lady Margaret Beaufort
3. Sir Owen Tudor married Catherine de Valois Queen of England and Princess of France daughter of King Charles VI of France and Isabelle of Bavaria
4. Merideth (Maredudd)Tudor married Margaret daughter of David and Nesta
5. Tudor Hen Fychan (Todros Hen)of Wales married Margaret daughter of Thomas and Eleanor
6. Goronwy (Gracian)married Gwervy daughter of Madoc ap David
7. Tudor Hen (Todros Gracian Hen)[b.1240]married Angharad daughter of Ithiel Fychan
8. Perfet Gracian Hen (Goronwy) married Dolsa Morfydd daughter of Machir (Meyrick/Aimeri/Meurig)Todros Kassin and Gwenllian of Wales [daughter of Ednyfed Fychan]
9. Zerachia Vidal Gracian (married Reyna)
10. Isaac Gracian Hen b.1155
11. Zerachia Gracian Hen
12. Isaac Hen - married Bilhah Perfet daughter of Sheshet Perfet
13. Eliyahu Hen (Richard Bohun)
14. Solomon bar Hen Tzvi (Katzin ha Barbur/ Humphrey cum Barba)Mar Sulieman (Sulam)
15. Mar Aharon Hen Tzvi Barzillai (aka Henry Mari)

1. Dolsa Morfydd married Perfet Gracian Hen (Goronwy)
2. Gwenllian of Wales married Machir Todros Kassin (Meyrick/ Aimeri/ Meurig)
3. Ednyfed Fychan Steward of South Wales married Gwenllian
4. Kenrick married Angharad
5. Iorwerth (brother of Muirgheal) married Gwenllian daughter of Gurgan grandson of Prince Nathan
6. Todros of Narbonne

There have always been persistent claims that the Mountbatten/ Battenberg family are Jewish through Julie Von Hauke. These claims are true as Julie von Hauke was the adopted daughter of Countess Sophie [de la Fontaine]von Hauke and Count Maurice von Hauke. Maurice and Sophie came from Frankist families. They adopted two children of Gershon Brody the son of Rabbi Moshe ben Zalman [who was baptised as a Catholic in 1820]. These two children were called Julie after Rabbi Moshe pseudonym Leon Yulievitch and her younger brother Aharon was also called Alexander after his great grandfather Alexander (Sender) Brody and Rabbi Moshe's use of the name Piotyr Alexandrovitch at his baptism. However in 1830 their adopted father Count John Maurice von Hauke was killed defending Grand Duke Constantine and their adopted mother Sophie died in 1831 from the shock of seeing her husband murdered. The Czar took charge of the upbringing of the children of the Von Hauke family. Julie was later made a lady -in-waiting of the Empress whose brother Alexander of Hesse fell in love with the young Polish countess. As Julie was a descendant of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov they eloped to Breslov where they were married in 1851. Rabbi Moshe Cordovero believed that the Messiah would be a Marrano and Rebbe Nachman stated that the Messiah would be his descendant who would be the Emperor of the World. What Messiah is this? This is Messiah Ephraim who is called in Jewish tradition the Messiah Anointed for War. His description in the Jewish tradition is similar to that of the promised Great Monarch Henry (some prophecies call him Charles) in the Catholic prophetic tradition. He would be a good child who later would become wayward until his deep conversion to God. The prophet Jeremiah speaks of him as Ephraim and the prophet Ezekiel as Prince David. Like the biblical Ephraim he will be the younger brother of the Messiah Manesseh (see Zechariah). Like Messiah ben Joseph he will suffer much and like Messiah ben David he is a Conqueror. He is spiritually guided and assisted by the Ultimate Messiah and his Mother (see Sefer Zerubbabel). I hold that the Messiah Ephraim is Prince Henry Charles Albert David [Harry]of Wales and his older brother Messiah Manesseh is Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales. Many Catholics of the past considered the Great Monarch as the Messenger (or angel) referred in Chapter 10 of the Apocalyse.

1. Prince William and Prince Harry
2. Prince Charles Philip Arthur George
3. Prince Philip Mountbatten of Greece and Denmark
4. Princess Alice of Battenburg
5. Prince Louis of Battenberg
6. Countess Julie von Hauke (Julia Brody)[married Prince Alexander of Hesse]
7. Feiga Horodenker [married Gershon Brody son of R. Moshe ben Schneur Zalman]
8. Udel Horodenker [married Rabbi Yoske]
9. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov [married Sashia (Alexandra)Brody]

1. Prince William and Prince Harry of Wales
2. Charles Prince of Wales
3. Philip Duke of Edinburgh
4. Princess Alice of Battenberg
5. Prince Louis of Battenburg married Princess Victoria of Hesse
6. Countess Julie Von Hauke (Julia Brody)
7. Gershon Yehuda Leib Broide (George Brody)
8. Leah Golda Broida [married Rabbi Chaim Moshe Leib Schneursohn (Leon Yulievitch Brody/Peter Alexanrovitch)]
9. Rachel Mayer [married Rebbe Benjamin Ephraim Zvi Broida (Alexander Margolioth/Reb Sender/ Alexander Brody)]
10. Anna Rosa Jacob (married Nathan Mayer)
11. Jacob Leib Frank (married Chaya Falkon)
12. Rachel Franco (married Yehuda Leib)
Prince Louis Of Battenburg

Female ancestry of Philip Duke of Edinburgh

1. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh
2. Princess Alice of Battenburg
3. Princess Victoria of Hesse
4. Princess Alice of England
5. Queen Victoria of Britian
6. Princess Marie Louise Victoria of Saxe-Coburg and Saalfeld
7. Countess Augusta Caroline Sophia of Reuss
8. Countess Caroline Henrietta of Erbach
9. Countess Ferdinanda Henrietta of Stolberg
10. Countess Christina of Mecklenburg married Count Louis Christian Stolberg-Gedern
11. Princess Magdalen Sybilla of Holstein-Gottorp married Duke Gustav Adolf of Mecklenburg-Gustrow son of Duke John Albert of Mecklenburg-Gustrow and Princess Eleanora Marie of Anhalt-Bernberg
12. Duchess Marie Elisabeth of Saxony married Frederick III Duke of Holstein Gottorp son of Johann Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp the grandson of King Frederick I of Denmark and Augusta of Oldenburg the daughter of Frederick II King of Denmark
13. Duchess Magdalena Sybilla of Hohenzollern (b.1589) married Johann-George Elector of Saxony son of Christian I Elector of Saxony and Sophie of Brandenburg
14. Duchess Marie Eleanora of Cleve married Duke Albert Frederick of Prussia (b.1553)son of Duke Albert of Prussia and Princess Anna of Brunswick-Kalenberg
15. Archduchess Maria of Austria married Duke William of Cleves IV (b.1516) son of Duke John III of Cleves and Marie de Juliers
16. Princess Anna Jagellon of Hungary and Bohemia married Ferdinand I Hapsburg Holy Roman Emperor son of Philip le Beau King of Castile and Leon and Queen Juana la Loca of Spain
17. Countess Anne de Foix of Candale married Vladislas II King of Hungary and Bohemia son of King Casimir of Poland and Princess Elisabeth Hapsburg of Austria
18. Infanta Catherine of Navarre married Gaston II de Foix son of Count John of Foix-Candale and Elizabeth Kerdeston from England
19. Queen Eleanor of Navarre (Princess of Aragon) married Count Gaston de Foix (b.1423) son of Jean de Grailly and Joan d'Albret
20. Queen Blanche I of Navarre (b.1385)married King John II of Aragon son of King Ferdinand I of Aragon and Princess Leonor Urraca Sancha of Castile
21. Infanta Eleanor of Castile married Charles III King of Navarre son of Charles II King of Navarre and Princess Joan of France
22. Princess Juana Manuela of Castile (Queen Consort of Castile)married King Henry II of Castile son of King Alfonso XI of Castile and Leonora de Guzman (b.1319)
23. Lady Blanca Fernanda Cerda Nunez de Lara married Prince Juan Manuel of Castile son of Infante Manuel of Castile and Beatrice Alix of Savoy
24. Juana Nunez de Lara La Palomilla married Ferdinand d e la Cerda of Castile son of Infante Ferdinand of Castile and Princess Blanche of France
25 Lady Teresa Alvarez de Azagra married Senor Juan Nunez de Lara son of Juan Nunez "El Gordo" de Lara and Teresa Diaz de Haro
26.Inez de Navarre married Alvar Perez de Azagra son of Pedro Fernandez de Azagra and Elfa Ortiz
27.Agnes de Beujeu mistress of Theobald the Great King of Navarre son of Theobald of Brie and Princess Blanche of Navarre
28.Sibyl of Hainault married Guichard the Great de Beujeu son of Baron Humbert IV of Beujeu
29. Countess Margaret of Flanders married Count Baldwin V of Hainault son of Baldwin IV of Hainault and Alice de Namur
30. Sybilla of Anjou married Thierry Count of Flanders son of Thierry (Dietrich) Duke of Lorraine and Gertrude Heiress of Flanders
31.Erembourge of Maine married Count Fulk V of Anjou King of Jerusalem son of Fulk IV of Anjou and Bertrade de Montfort
32. Beatrix of Barcelona and Flanders married Helias Count of Maine the Swan Knight (aka Hayo of Friesland/ Mar Eliyahu Hiyya)
33.  Druda (doda) Perfet married Joseph Orodbed
34. Reyna Halabu married R.Sheshet Bouchard
35. Sarah bat Shlomo married Mar Barzilay of Barcelona
36. Malka married Mar Solomon ben Azarya of Aleppo (Halab)
37.  Sarah bat Mar Judah married Mar Yishai
38.  Malka married Mar Judah
39. Judith of Flanders married Josiah of Khoresan Babylonian Exilarch (born 860)
40. Judith of the Franks married Baldwin I Brasdefer of Flanders
41. Ermentrude married Charles the Bald Holy Roman Emperor and King of France 
42. Princess Engeltrude (Judith of the Angles) (b.805) married Eudes or Odo of Orleans
43. Queen Redburga (b.787) married Egbert King of England (son of King Egbert II of Kent and Saxony and Ida of Autun(daughter of Theodoric II (Aumery/Nehemiah/Namen) of Septimania)

1. Teresa Diaz de Haro married Juan Nunez "El gordo" de Lara son of Nono Gonzalez de Lara "El Bueno" and Princess Teresa of Leon
2. Constance de Bearn married Diego Lopez de Haro Lord of Vizcaya son of Lope Diaz de Haro
3. Gersende de Provence Princess of Aragon (b.1205)married Guillame II of Bearn son of Guillame I de Moncade and Marguerite of Narbonne
4. Garsinde de Sabran married Prince Alfonso of Aragon son of King Alfonso II of Aragon and Princess Sancha of Castile
5. Countess Gersinde of Provence married Lord Raymond de Sabran (b.1155) son of Lord Rostaing de Sabran and Almode de Mouvellion
6. Adelaide Beatrix (Reyna)de Bezieres married Count William de Foucalquier son of count Bertrand de Foucalquier and Josserande de Flotte
7. Saura (Sarah/Azara)of Barcelona married Viscount Raymond de Bezieres son of Viscount Bernard Aton de Bezieres and Cecile de Provence Arles
8. Maria Rodriguez of Barcelona married Count Raymond Berenger IV Arnold of Barcelona son of Raymond Berenger III and Matilda Guiscard de Hautville
9. Rhodrigo El Cid married Ximena daughter of Count Diego (Jacob)Gormaz of Oviedo the son of king Iago of Gwynedd and his wife Sussanah of Barcelona
10.Teresa Rodriguez married Diego (Jacob)Lainez son of Lain Calvo and his wife Gila (Giolla)of Ireland
11. Teresa Lainez married Rodrigo Alvarez (Roger of Este) son of Mar Azarya (Alvaro)
13. Sarah of Barcelona married Lain Alvarez (Lancelin)son of Mar Azarya (Alvaro)
14. Bonadona Azara of Barcelona married Mar Isaac of Barcelona son of Mar Barzilay of Aleppo and Barcelona
15. Reyna of Barcelona married Rabbi Sheshet Bourchard Perfet son of Meshullam Bourchard Prefect of the Royal Hunt

1. Count Raymond Berenger IV Arnold of Barcelona married Maria Rodriguez of Barcelona
2. Raymond Berenger III Count of Barcelona (b.1054) married Matilda Guiscard de Hautville (b.1060) daughter of Robert Guiscard de Hautville
3. Raymond Berenger II Count of Barcelona (b.1023 d.1076) married Almodis de Haute Marche daughter of Bernard I de la Marche and Amelia de Thouars [Almodis'first husband was Count Henry V de Lusignan)
4. Raymond Berenger I the Crooked Count of Barcelona (b.1005) married Sancha of Gascogne daughter of Sancho of Castile and Urraca Salvadores of Castile
5.Ramin Borel (Barzel)of Barcelona (b.972) married Ermensinde of Carcasonne daughter of Roger I de Carcasonne and Adelaide de Rouergue
6. Barzelay (Borcello/Borrel)of Barcelona (b.926)married Leutgarda of Toulouse daughter of Ramin III Pons de Toulouse and Garsinde Bertha de Gascogne
7. Suniaro (Sunifried/Solomon)of Bresalu married Richilde of Rouergue daughter of Ermengaud (Armengol) of Toulouse and Adelaide of Toulouse
8.Winifred of Bresalu (b.840) married Gunilde of flanders daughter of Baldwin I Brasdefer (Beuve Barzilay)Count of Flanders and Judith of Franks
9. Sunifred (Solomon)of Urgell-Cedanya (b.810) married Ermensinde
10. Beggo/Bellon of Paris and Cacasonne (b.780) married Alpais of Franks daughter of Lewis the PiousHoly Roman Emperor and Ermengarde of Narbonne and Hesbaye
11. Gui Belin (aka Bellon/Belo/Gilbert/ Gui Alberic/Gunderland/Yakar ben Makir Todros)of Narbonne married Rolande of Hesbaye

Some believe that the Great Monarch will be Prince Philip of Spain (son and heir of King Juan Carlos) as some old prophecies refer to Spanish origin or ancestry of the Great Monarch. One ancient prophecy refers to him as "Philip VI". However Prince William also carries the name of Philip. I believe that confusion reigns because the prophecies refer to two great leaders who are brothers - Messiah Ephraim and Messiah Manesseh. The Great Monarch who is called Henry, Charles and David will be the great Emperor who defeats with his brother the Armilus (third antichrist)and ushers in the era of peace. This Great Monarch will be the ruler of Germany and all Europe while his brother called Arthur and Philip will rule America and be active in Spain. Some allude to the Great Monarch reigning for 15 years and others that he would die at 40 years of age (about 2025). He will then be succeeded as Great Monarch by his brother who will reign a further 11 years (about 2036)as Great Monarch who will die fighting the forerunner of the final Antichrist (Gog). These two brothers are called the "brothers or sons of the White Lily or Rose (Shoshana)". This white Rose is the Davidic heiress called the Geveret who descends from the 'daughters of Dinah'. Dinah was the maternal grandmother of Ephraim and Manesseh. Princess Diana is the Josephite Davidic heiress of the daughters of Dinah or Danaus' revealed in her name Diana and she is heiress of the Frankists (Hebrew Catholics) by her second name of Frances.The Greeks called her Diana and the Celts Dana or Dona. It is interesting that Philip of Spain is also descended from Julie von Hauke.

1. Prince Philip John Paul Alfonso of Asturias
2. King Juan Carlos (John Charles)of Spain
3. Don Juan Prince of Spain
4. Princess Victoria Eugenia Julia Ena of Battenburg (Queen of Spain)
5. Prince Henry of Battenburg (married Princess Beatrice of England)
6. Countess Julie von Hauke
7. Gershon Yehuda Leib Broida
8. Rabbi Chaim Moshe Leib
9. Schneur Zalman of Liadi the Alter Rebbe
10 Boruch Leib (Loewe)
11. Schneur Zalman Leib
12.Rabbi Moshe Loewe
13 Rabbi Yehudah Leib
14.Rabbi Samuel Loewe
15. Rabbi Betzalel Loewe
16.Rabbi Judah Loew Maharal of Prague

Diana, Princess of Wales mother Frances Ruth Burke-Roche descends from another daughter of Jacob Frank called Leah Golda (Frances) who married the Irishman Edmond Roche of Kildinan. In Europe he used the name Roch Frank and was the son-in-law of Jacob Frank but many believed that Roch was Frank's son. The family later created a false identity for Frances Roche as Frances Coghlan, daughter of George Coghlan of Ardoe to hide her Frankist Jewish origin. Frances sister Rivka Shoshana (Anna Rosa)Jacob (Anne Rose Mayer) also moved with her family to Ireland.With the troubles in France and then the rise of Napoleon made the British Isles a safe refuge. Another sister Dinah Ruth (Maria Rostowski) went to Scotland and was also an ancestor of Frances Ruth Burke-Roche. Edmond and Frances Roche's son Edward Roche married into the Curtain family an Irish crypto Jewish family.

1. Prince William
2. Lady Diana Frances Spencer
3. Hon. Frances Ruth Burke-Roche
4. Edward Maurice Burke-Roche 4th Baron Fermoy
5. James Boothy Burke Roche 3rd Baron Fermoy
6. Edmund Burke Roche 1st Baron Fermoy
7. Edward Roche (married Margaret Honoria Curtain)
8. Frances Coghlan [Leah Golda Frank/ Frances Roche]married Edmond Roche [Roch Frank]
9. Jacob Leib Frank (Joseph) - married Chaya Falkon
10. Yehuda Leib - married Rachel Hirshel Franco
11. Yosef Leib - married Daughter of Daniel Ha Levi (Witzenhausen)
12. Zalman Leib
13. Yannai Leib (Loewe)
14. Samuel Zvi Leib
15. Judah Loewe (Leib) the Maharal of Prague
16. Betzalel Loew
17. Hayyim (b.1450)
18. Rav Isaac Lubaton (Lubani/ Leib)
19. Bat Isaac married Prince Judah Lubani the brother of Solomon IV King of the Rubani, the Gadi and Mani; son of Reuben II Rubani; son of Solomon III Rubani (b.1380); son of Joseph II Rubani; son of David III Rubani; son of Judah I Rubani (b.1310); son of Solomon II Rubani;
20. Rabbi Isaac
21. Rabbi Betzalel
22. Rabbi Jacob
23. Rabbi Arya Zeev (Wolf)
24. Rabbi Jerahmiel
25. Rabbi Eleazer
26. Rabbi Leibush
27. Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman
28. Rabbi Nachman
29. Rabbi Joseph Kalonymus
30. Rabbi Eliyahu Hiyya married Druda daughter of Joseph 'Bonnom' Kalonymus
31. Rabbi Azarya (brother-in-law of Solomon Benveniste)
32. Lamiel
33. Ezekiel ben Azarya
34. Azarya ben Abraham (brother-in-law of Merwan ha Levi)married daughter of Rabbi Abraham ben Hiyya (brother of Nasi Moshe ben Hiyya ancestor of the Charlaps) and Bat Yehiel ben Joseph Nagid
35. Welf IV Duke of Bavaria (aka Abraham ben Azarya Halabu)
36. Azo II Marquis d'Este (aka Azarya ben Abraham Halabu)married Cunigunde of Bavaria
37. Albert Azo I (Abraham ben Azarya Halabu)married Osberta daughter of Othbert Marquis d'Este
38. Mar Azarya Halabu married Alberada Perfet daughter of Meshullam Bourchard Prefect of the Royal Hunt
39. Sarah Halabu married Mar Barzilay Halabu (Aleppo)
40. Mar Solomon ben Azarya of Aleppo (Halab)married Malka
41. Azarya Babylonian Exilarch
42. Solomon Babylonian Exilarch

Lady Fermoy who was Lady-in Waiting to the Queen Mother was from the Gill family another family of crypto Jewish Frankist origin. Lady Fermoy was Ruth Sylvia Gill and her paternal ancestors were David Gill who married Margaret Davidson in 1795. Margaret Davidson and David Gill are of Jewish origin families. The Marr and Smith families were also of Frankist origin. This Jewish Frankist origin has been covered up by the families over the generations. The whole story of Diana's ancestors Theodore Forbes and Eliza Kevork are totally confused. Theodore was of a crypto Jewish Scottish family (recent DNA testing has demonstrated the Sephardi Jewish ancestry of the Forbes family)and he married Eliza Kevork (daughter of Jakob Kevork), an Armenian Jewess, according to the Jewish Armenian rites and they were the parents of John Jakob Forbes (Forbesian) who married Maria Rostowski.

Prince William and Prince Harry descend from Charlemagne many times over.Charlemagne was a Catholic of Jewish Davidic descent. Charlemagne's Jewish name was David Kalonymus.

Sir Galahad and Dindaine Blanchefleur

1. Charlemagne (David Kalonymus)
2. Peppin III (Pappa)[married Judith (Bertrude/ Bat Yehudah)sister of Makir Todros]
3. Charles Martel (Kalman/Kalonymus/Kayl)[married Ruth (Rotrud)]
4. Peppin II (Pappa)[married Alpais]
5. Ansoud (married Ruth of Hesbaye)
6. Angelisel (Angus/Lancelot/Angselus)of Metz [married Rebbecca (St Begga)daughter of Peppin of Landen]
7. Arnulf (Aron ha Aluf} of Metz
8. Arimandus [married Ita of Baghdad]
9. Omer (Aumer) ha Ari of Sarras [married Ava ha Geveret]
10. Galahad (Walahad)King of Sarras [married Dindaine]
11. Lancelot (Angus/Angelus) of Cambernic Bryniach[married Elaine]
12. Princess Marchell of Dal Riata [married Angus(Anlach/Banlach/Ban) of Corbenic son of Nathan Todros [Tudwal] and Princess Corun]
13. High King Muredach of Ireland [married Princess Earca (Esther) daughter of King Erb]
14. Eochaidh (Eoghan/Owen)(b.435)
15. Niall Mor of the Nine Hostages High King of Ireland (born circa 415)
16. Eochaidh (Eochy Moyvone/Yohannan)Mugmedon High King of Ireland (b.380) married Ciaron (Ciarra) daughter of Mar Chasdai of Spain and Britiain
17. Muiredach (Meir Duach)II High King of Ireland(b.345) married Aioffe of Goloddin daughter of Rafael IX King of Gododdin
18. Ros Ruadhri of Dal Riata  (b.320)married Rafaela daughter of Rafael VIII King of Gododdin (Rosh Galuta Scotti)
19. Eochaidh of Dal Riata (b.300)married Fiona (Fianna Fiachu) daughter of Eochaidh Sbtrine son of Muredach I Tirech son of Fiachu Sbtine
20. Cairbre of Riata (b.280) married Ava (Havah / Hvarfaidh)
21. Conaire Mor (Fothad Canaan) of Dal Riata in Alba (b.260) married Mes Buachalla
22. Lughaidh (Loarne/ Luy Maccon) (b.240)married Devorah of the Gaeli(Votadini/Fothudain) [brother-in-law of Eochaidh Dublein father of the three Collas and Lughaidh was father of the three Fothads]
23 Cairbre Lifechair King of Ireland  (b.220)married Ethne (Edna/Aine) of Scotia daughter of Fionn(Gwyn)of Camelon (Cumhaill)son of Nathan Mar Ukba I (Nudd/Nectan) Exilarch
24. Cormac King of Leinster (b.200) married Ethne Milla daughter of  Aillill  Glas of Leinster son of Ross Ruad and Maga (sister of Oliol Olum)
25. Mar Angus (Eochaidh/Eoghan Mor)(born circa 181 AD)married Bera (Barbura)daughter of Art (Arthur/Artur/Dov)the Red Heber Lord and Swan Knight
26. Olioll Olum (Olum Fodla/Aillil)King of Munster married Sabina (Sabh/ Sarah/ Sarad)daughter of the Red Heber Lord Conn (Connchober/ Conn of the Hundred Battles/Conaire)
27. Mar Eoghan (Ugaine Mor/Johannan/Angus Og)Mor married Ciarra (Ciar/Caer)daughter of Athal Anubal [Atal Anubal = American (Atal or Atala) Lord of Mexico (Anahuac)]
28. Nathan(Mogh Nuada)the Dagda (Dayag Adon/Fisher Lord) (b. 120 AD) married Boann (Barbura/Edna/Eithne/Baine)daughter of Delbaeth son of Elada (Eliud)
29. Meir Duach (Rabbi Meir/Raibh Dearg) (b.99 AD) married Bruriah
30. Simeon Breac (R. Berechiah/Shimon the Blessed/Bres) (b.72 AD)
31. Adon of Glas (Adon Zerah)Lord of the Golus (Salog) (b.45 AD) married Eurgen (Johanna) daughter of King Caractacus and Venus Julia ( adopted daughter of the Emperor Claudius) daughter of King Metallanus of Lugdunum in Scotland
32. Nathan the Red (Nuada/ Nectan Ruada)married Fianna (Fiona) daughter of Elemar of the Milesians and Inda of Rhoda
33. Mar Gilead ben Joseph (Josephes) married Nessiyah Naire daughter of Nathaniel bar Tolmai
34. Mar Joseph of Arimathea and Glastonbury (Glas)married Yochanna (Elyab/Eurgen)
35. Mar Chunya of Babylon and Mara
36. Solomon II (Shalom/Sulam/Selim)Barbur (aka Silvanus Brabo/ Salvius Brabo/ Silvanus Ogam)Babylonian Exilarch, Nasi of Mara (Mari), Ruler of Sumer (Somerset)in Britian
37. Nathan Babylonian Exilarch married Claudia daughter of Tiberius Claudius Regillensis and Johanna (Europa/ Eurgen)
38. Mar Isaac of Sumer in Britian married Tamar

This the ancestry of King St. Louis IX of France.

1. King St. Louis IX of France
2. King Louis VIII the Lion of France
3. King Philip II Augustus
4. King Louis VII the Young
5. King Louis VI the Fat
6. King Philip I
7. King Henri I
8. King Robert II the Pious
9. King Hugh Capet of France
10. Duke Hugh the Great of France
11. Duke Robert of France, King of West Francia
12. Robert the Strong (Rutpert/Rutbert/Reuven)died 866 Count of Paris
13. Count Rutpert III of Wormsgau
14. Count Rutpert II of Wormsgau
15. Count Thurinbert of Wormsgau
16. Count Rutpert I (Robert) of Wormsgau and Hesbaye
17. Mille (Milo) Count of Neustre
18. Robert (Reuven) Duke of Hesbaye
19. Lievin (Lambert I/Levi) of Hesbaye
20. Warin (Aaron)Count of Paris and Poitiers
21. Bodilon Count and Bishop of Treves
22. Levi (Leuthar/St. Luitvin) Bishop of Treves [married Ruth daughter of King Clothaire II and Bertrude (Judith)]
23. Warin (Aaron/Guerin)Bishop of Treves
24. Leuthanus (Levi)of Metz [married Geberge/Geveret daughter of Aumeric (Omer)]
25. Arimandus (Archenbald/Aaron shel Arak) [maternal nephew of  Omer (Aumer) ha Ari of Sarras]
26. Lady Lynet (Lyones) married Gwalchafed (Gaheris/ Gareth) the Falcon of Summer son of King Lot.
27. Galahad (Walahad) King of Sarras Guardian of The Grail
28. Lancelot of the Lake

Maternal ancestry of St King Louis IX

Eleanor of Aquitaine the proud red-haired Jewess

1. St. King Louis IX of France
2. Princess Blanche of Castile [married King Louis VIII of France]
3. Princess Eleanor of England [married King Alphonso VIII of Castile]
4. Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine [married King Henry II of England]
5. Countess Aenor (Reyna) of Chatellerault [married Duke William X of Aquitaine]
6. Dangerosa of the Isle Bouchard [married Aimery I Viscount of Chatellerault]
7. Gerberge (Geberge/Geveret)[married Bartelemy [Mar Barzilay]of Isle Bourchard]
8. Reyna of Barcelona [married Sheshet Perfet]
9. Dame Agnes (La Senyora Bonadona)[married Orobed Barzel (Archambaud Borel)of Barcelona son of Mar Yosef Orobed and Druda Perfet bat Sheshet Bourchard]
10. Reyna of Barcelona [married Mar Shealtiel of Barcelona son of Mar Isaac]

Ancestry of Eleanor of Aquitaine

1. Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine
2. Countess Aenor of Chatellerault
3. Dangerosa of the Isle Bouchard
4. Gerberge of Barcelona
5. Sheshet Perfet Nasi of Barcelona
6. Gershon Nasi of Barcelona
7. Moshe Perfet (Hugues de Isle Bouchard)
8. Bouchard II d'Isle Bouchard (R. Sheshet)brother of Geoffrey Count of Gatinois married Reyna of Barcelona
9. Bouchard the Constable [Barburha Katzin/ Meshullam]Prefect of the Royal Hunt married Alberada of Lorraine
10. Aubri (Alberic)Geoffrei (Yofi Tzvi) Count of Gatinois Orleans married Adelinde Ava of Gatinois Orleans daughter of Aubri Count of Gatinois- Orleans and Ermensinde of Narbonne
11. Ava of Auvergne married Bouchard the Constable Prefect of the Royal Hunt  son of Aubri(Adalbert/ Aubri) Count of Gatanais son of Bouchard the Constable of Corsica who was the son of Warin of the Gatanais son of Ruthard (Reuben) the Elder (R1b-U152)
12. Makir Bernard II Count of Auvergne (Bouchard/ Beuve Cornebut)
13. Makir Bernard Count of Aurvergne married Ava daughter of Solomon Beuve Cornebut of the Spanish March
14. Warin (Aaron)Count of Macon and Thurgovie married Ava daughter of Hugh of Tours and Ava Schwanhilde of Paris and Metz
15. Lady Guibor (Witberga) of Narbonne [married William of Gellone II (Isaac Kalonymus)son of Nehemiah ha Makiri son of Makir Todros]
16. Lady Rolande of Hesbaye [married Gui Alberic (Guibelin/Gunderland/Yakar)of Narbonne son of Makir Todros]
17. Landrade (Wandrade) of Franks [married Sigrand of Hesbaye]
18. Rutrud (Ruth)Scwanhilde of Hesbaye [married Charles Martel]
19. Ruth of Franks [married Leiven (St Luitvin) Bishop of Treves]
20. Lady Doda of Metz and Potiers (b.650) married  Chrodobertus II Count Palatine of Neustria
21. Lady Kunza of Metz  (b.630)married  Warin (Aaron) count de Poiters
22. Lady Sigrade married Clodule of Metz Guardian of the Grail
23. Lady Dode of Franks married Arnold (Aron ha Aluf) of Metz
24.  Lady Bertrude (Judith) of Metz married King Clothaire II of Franks
25. Lady Geberge of France and Kent married Leuthanus (Levi) of Metz
26. Lady Ava ha Geveret married Omer (Sumer) ha Ari of Sarras son of Galahad
27. Aumeric (Ricaumer) ha Nasi] also called Amorai/Amr/Amwlad/Noah/Nowy/Mordred who married Gertrude (Givirah Judi) also called Ava daughter of Percival
28. King Arthur Mar of Britain brother of Mar Kafnai Babylonian Exilarch

Paternal ancestry of Eleanor of Aquitaine

Conversion of Duke William X the Saint of Aquitaine by St Bernard

1. Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine [married Henry II King of England]
2. William X Duke of Aquitaine
3. William IX Duke of Aquitaine
4. William VIII Gui-Geoffroi Duke of Aquitaine [married Hildegarde of Burgundy]
5. William V the Great Duke of Aquitaine [married Agnes of Burgundy]
6. William IV Duke of Aquitaine [married Emma of Blois]
7. William III Duke of Aquitaine [married Adele Gerloc of Normandy]
8. Eblaus Manzer (the Hebrew Bastard)Duke of Aquitaine[married Em Adelinde (Emilenne) of England]
9. Ramnulf II Duke of Aquitaine [Adelinde ha nesiya daghter of Bernard the Hairyfoot(Nasi Meshullam II)
10. Ramnulf I (Ramin ha Aluf)Duke of Aquitaine [married Blichilde of Maine]
11. Gerard Count of Auvergne {married Princess Hildegarde of Franks]
12. William of Gellone II (Isaac Kalonymus)
13. Theodric (Deitrich/Nehemiah ha Makiri)King of Saxony and Ripaurien (Duke Namon)
14. Makir Todros (Theodoric/Thierry/Aimeri de Narbonne) Jewish King of Septimania

Paternal Ancestry of King Henry II of England

1. King Henry II of England [married Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine]
2. Geoffrey Plantagenet count of Anjou {married the Holy Roman Empress Maud (Matilda)daughter of King Henry I of England]
3. Fulk V of Anjou King of Jerusalem [married Lady Erembourge daughter of Helias of Count of Maine the famous Swan Knight of Legend]
4. Fulk IV count of Anjou [married Bertrade de Montfort]
5. Aubri Geoffrey Ferreol Count Gatinois [married Ermengarde of Anjou daughter of Fulk III]
6. Geoffrey I Count of Gatinois [married Beatrix of Macon]
7. Bouchard d'Isle Bourchard Prefect of the Royal Hunt married Alberada of Lorraine
8. Adelinde Ava of Gatinois-Orleans married Aubri Geofrei Count of Gatinois son of Bourchard the Constable [Barbur ha Katzin] Prefect of the Royal Hunt [Meshullam]
9. Aubri Count of Gatiniois-Orleans and Fezenac married Erminsinde of Narbonne daughter of Alberic of Narbonne
10. Ava of Auvergne married Geoffrey Viscount of Orleans and Gatinois.
11. Ava of Paris married Hector of Auvergne son of Hunroch of Fruili
12. Ava Grimildis of Aquitaine married Letaud of Paris and Fezenac son of Count Bego (Begue) of Paris
13. William the Pious Duke of Aquitaine
14. Bernard of Septimania

The Davidic Prince Eliyahu Hiyya ben Aharon Barzillai ben Mar Eliyahu (Helias) is remembered in many different French legends as the Swan Knight. He married the heiress of Oldenburg by who he had a daughter Ermenbourge the grandmother of King Henry II of England; and a son Elimar who was Count of Oldenburgh.The German legend speaks of his father Aharon Barzillai (Warin)as Lohengrin and he is the father of Ida who was the mother of Godrey de Bouillon King of Jerusalem; and Beatrix who was the mother of Dietrich II of Cleves. Lohengrin is also known as Sire Lancelin of Beaugency.The secret of the Swan Knight is that he is a Jew of Davidic descent from the Exilarch's of Babylon through the branch in Barcelona.The events of the lives of these two swan Knights and their family have become confused in the later accounts. Mar Aharon (Lohengrin)'s mother Bilhah Perfet (daughter of Meshullam Bourchard)was descended from Makir Bernard II of Auvergne whose mother Ava was the daughter of Solomon (Beuve Cornebut) whose mother Ruth (Rutrud) Schwanhilde was a daughter of Gerard the Swan Knight son of Warin of Metz who was a descendant of Lancelot and Perceval. Gerard Swan married Adalis a Princess of the Carolingian Dynasty through her mother Cunigunde.

Davidic Ancestry of Queen Elizabeth II.

1. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain
2. King George VI
3. King Geroge V
4. King Edward VII
5. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
6. Duke Ernest Anthony Charles Louis
7. Duke Francis Frederick Anthony
8. Duke Ernest Frederick
9. Duke Francis Josiah
10. Duke John Ernest
11.Duke Ernest of Saxe-Coburg
12. John Duke of Saxe-Weimar
13. John William Duke of Saxe-Weimar
14. John Frederick King of Saxony
15. John King of Saxony
16. Ernest King of Saxony (born 1441)
17. Frederick II King of Saxony
18. Frederick I King of Saxony
19. Frederick III Margrave of Meissen
20. Frederick II Margrave of Meissen (born 1310) married Matilde of Bavaria the daughter of Louis IV the Holy Roman Emperor
21. Frederick I Margrave of Meissen (born 1257) married Elisabeth of Lobdaburg-Arnshaugk the daughter of Elisabet d'Orlamuende, the daughter of Beatrix de Andrechs-Meranien, the daughter of Beatrice von Hohenstauffen, the daughter of Margerite de Blois, the daughter of Princess Alice of France, the daughter of King Louis VII of France and Eleanor of Aquitaine.
22. Albert I Landgrave of Thuringia (born 1240) married Princess Margaret of Sicily daughter of Frederick II the Holy Roman Emperor and his wife Princess Isabella of England (daughter of Isabella of Angouleme [wife of King John of England], the daughter of Alice de Courtney (sister of the Latin Emperor of Constantinople), the daughter of Elisabeth de Courtney, the daughter of Hedwig (Hawise) of Donjon, the daughter of Elisabeth of Donjon, the daughter of Elisabeth von Sponheim, the daughter of Hedwig of Saxony.
23. Henry Margrave of Meissen married Konstantie of Austria the daughter of duke Leopold VI of Austraia and his wife the Byzantine Princess Theodora Angelina the daughter of John Dukas and Zoe Angelina Doukaina (the daughter of  the Empress Euphrosyne Kamertera [wife of Emperor Alexius III Angelos], the daughter of Duka (Judith) Princess of Ethiopia [wife of Andronikas Komerteros Doukas], the daughter of Princess Gurandukt of Georgia [wife of Prince Mairari of Ethiopia], the daughter of  George IV of Georgia.
24. Dietrich (Theodoric)Margrave of Meissen married Jutte (Judith) of Thuringia the daughter of Hermann Landgrave of Thuringia and Sophie of Sommerschenburg (the daughter Luitgarde von Stade, the daughter of Richilda von Sponheim).
25. Otto Margrave of Meissen (born 1125) married Hedwig (Eva) of Brandenburg daughter of Albert I the Bear Margrave of Brandenburg and his wife Sophie of Winzenburg (the daughter of Hedwig von Istria (Evverstein) the daughter of Richilda von Sponheim, the daughter of Hedwig of Saxony, the daughter of Elica von Schweinfurt, the daughter of Geberga (Judith) of Ethiopia and the Khazars).
26. Conrad Margrave of Meissen [born 1098] married Luitgard von Ravenstein daughter of  Count Albert von Ravenstein and his wife Bertha von Hohenstauffen
27. Thimo Margrave of Kistritz married Ida of Nordheim daughter of Otto of Nordheim and Richenza of Swabia.
28. Dietrich II Margrave of Ostmark married Matilda of Meissen daughter of Eckhard Margrave of Meissen and his wife Swanhilde Billung of Saxony.
29. Count Dedi of Hassenger [b.1000] married Theitburga of Faucigny daughter of Emeraud I de Faucigny and Princess Algert of Ethiopia and the Khazars
30. Count Dietrich I of Hassenger [b.980] married Princess Judith (Gerberga) of Ethiopia and the Khazars daughter of Queen-Empress Judith (Gudit) of Ethiopia and the Falashas and her husband King Georgius Tzul (Zenobius / Zavid) King of the Khazars.
31. Countess Engletrude of Swabia married Count Dedi of Hassenger son of Dirk (Dietrich) II Count of Frisia and Holland and his wife Hildegarde of Flanders, son of Dirk (Dietrich) I Count of Frisia and Holland and his wife Geva (Gerberge/ Geveret), son of Gerulf (Gerolf) Count of Frisia and Holland, son of Rorgon (Roricon/Rorick/ Theodoric) Count of Maine, Rennes and Les Baux and his second wife Blichilde of Frisia, son of Gosselin (Gauzhelm) of Maine, son of Herve of Maine, son of Dietrich (Theodoric) of Maine, son of Herve Duke of Maine (723), son of Enkel King of the Radbads of the Rhone Valley, son of Elidyr the Rhodan (Radbad/ Eadgils?) Duke of Frisia (as Radbad I)(b.673 d.719) and his wife Celenion (Urenkelin) of Septimania, son of Sandde (Sandef/ Eadgils?) King of Calalus (b.655)Last King of Arthurian Calalus and Ruler of the Frisians. The traditional genealogy traces this lineage back to Petrus a disciple of St Joseph of Arimathea. This Petrus (Peredur) was a relative of St Peter (Shimon ben Yonah) of the Tribe of Zebulon.
32. Burkhard II (or III) Duke of Swabia [b.915] married Hedwig (Ava) of Bavaria
33. Burkhard I (or II) Duke of Swabia [b.884] married Reginlinde of Thurgovie daughter of Eberhard Count of Thurgovie and Gisela of Nullenberg
34. Burkhard Margrave of Raetian [b.860] (brother of Count Adalbert II Count of Thurgovie) married Luitgard of Saxony and Metz daughter of Gerard of Metz and Uda of Saxony
35.Judith (Hitta) of Auvergne [b.835] married Count Adalbert I (Alberic/Albert)Count of Thurgovie [b.825].
36. Count Makir Bernard II of Auvernge [b. 815]
37. Count Makir Bernard of Auvergne [born 795]
38. Count Warin d'Autun Count of Macon [born 779]
39. Count William of Gellone II (Isaac Kalonymus)[married Guibor of Narbonne]
40. Nehemiah Ha Makiri (Dietrich/Theodoric/Aymer le Chetif)Ruler of Autun, Riparien and Saxony (Duke Namon)[born 730]
41. Makir Todros (Theodoric/Aimeri)Western Exilarch and Jewish King of Septimania

Davidic Ancestry of Queen Victoria

1. Queen Victoria of Great Britian
2. Edward Augustus Duke of Kent
3. King George III
4. Frederick Lewis Prince of Wales
5. King George II Augustus
6. King George I Lewis
7. Ernest Augustus Elector of Hanover
8. George Duke of Brunwick-Luneburg
9. William Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
10. Ernest I Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
11. Henry II Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
12. Otto II Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
13. Frederick Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
14. Bernard I Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
15. Magnus II Duke of Brunswick
16. Magnus I Duke of Brunswick
17. Albert II duke of Brunswick-Gottingen
18. Albert I Duke of Brunswick [born 1236]
19. Otto Duke of Brunswick
20. William of Winchester Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg [married Princess Helen of Denmark]
21. Henry V Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg [married Princess Matilda of England]
22. Henry X Duke of Bavaria
23. Henry IX Duke of Bavaria (born 1074)
24. Welf IV Duke of Bavaria (married Judith of Flanders)
25. Azo II d'Este Marquis d'Este (married Cunigunde of Bavaria)
26. Lady Othberta married Albert Azo I Marquis of Este son of Mar Azarya of Barcelona
27. Othbert II Este Count of Genoa
28. Othbert I Viscount of Este
29. Adalbert II Marquis of Este
30. Boniface IV Marquis of Este
31. Adalbert I Marquis of Este
32. Boniface III Count of Lucca
33. Boniface II Count of Lucca
34. Boniface I (Abu Aharon)Count of Lucca
35. Richbald beno Bernhard (Richard of Amiens and Metz)[married Ermengarde]
36. Bernard Naso (Nasi Mar Meshullam I Bera Natan)[married Dhoude daughter of Gerard Swan and Adalis]
37. William of Gellone I (Mar Nathan Kalonymus)[married Cunigunde of Franks daughter of Carolman and Gerberge]
38. Makir Todros (Theodoric/Aimeri d' Narbonne)[married Alda of Franks daughter of Charles Martel and Rutrud (Ruth)Schwanhilde

William the Conqueror, husband of Matilda of Flanders

William the Conqueror's mother was Harlotta who was the Swan Chieftaness called Barbura Ha Alufa and she was the mother of William by Duke Robert of Normandy (a descendant of Hernaut (Harald Hildetonn)son of Makir Todros of Narbonne. Harlotta was the daughter of Mar Eliyahu Hiyya (Fulbert/Tancredi) and Bilhah Dhoude Perfet (Billeheude/Doda/Mariella).

The children of Mar Eliyahu Halabu (Lord Richard Tancredi de Hautville) and his first wife Mariella Bilhah Dhoude Perfet (=the Davidic Lady Bilhtreude Perfet) were:

[1] Mar Natan Kalonymus Barzillai ha Nasi [born 1010 Barcelona died 1070 Sicily] he was also called William Iron Arm (Ferrebachia/Bras-de-fer) and Ferrau in the chansons. The Saracens called him the Wala Kalon de Ferrau (Walkelin de Ferrers). He was the Count of Apulia from 1042-1046 and the Count of the Principate 1053-1070.

[2] Mar Raphael Barzillai also called Drogo and Rinaldo. He was Count of Apulia from 1046-1051. He married the great beauty Angelica de Yhanzaria (Gaitelgrima?)

[3]Mar Aharon Gilad ‘Hen Tzvi’ Barzillai also called Henry or Humphrey Mari (Hun-froi) and Abba Gilad (Abagelard). He was the Count of Apulia from 1051-1057

[4] Barbura Ha Alufa (the Swan Chieftaness) also called Harlotta. She was the mother of William the Conqueror

[5] Ava Halabu Barzillai also called Alberada de Hautville

[6] Mar Yofi Tzvi also called Geoffrey. He was the count of Loritello

[7] Judith Barzillai also known as Guiditta de Hautville wife of Robert I Basseville

[8] Mar Shlomo Barzillai also known as Serlone

Mar Eliyahu’s second wife was Fressenda de Este the daughter of Mar Alberic Azo I the Marquis de Este. Their children were:

[9] Mar Reuven Yosef as known as Robert Guiscard

[10] Mar Makhir ha Katzin also known as Mauger or Malgerio de Capitano of Sicily

[11] Mar Avraham Barzillai also known as Aubrey or Alberic de Hautville

[12] Mar Yehuda Barzillai also known as Othbert or Uberto or Humbert de Hautville

[13] Mar Benjamin Barzillai (born 1031 Normandy died 1101 Calabria) also known as Roger or Rogero Count of Sicily from 1062

[14] Azara Barzillai also known as Fressenda de Hautville (born 1030)

[15] Mar Eliyahu Barzillai known as Tancred

Paternal Ancestry of Matilda of Flanders wife of William the Conqueror

1. Matilda of Flanders (married William the Conqueror)
2. Balwin V Count of Flanders (married Princess Adele of France)
3. Baldwin IV Count of Flanders (married Ogive of Luxembourg)
4. Arnulf II Count of Flanders (married Rozala of Lombardy)
5. Baldwin III Count of Flanders (married Matilda of Burgundy)
6. Arnulf I Count of Flanders (married Adele of Vermandois)
7. Baldwin II Count of Flanders (Aelfryth of England daughter of Alfred the Great)
8. Baldwin I Bras-defer [Beuve/Budwine/Bivin/]Barzilay Count of Flanders (married Judith of Franks)
9. Ava of Spanish March married Makir Bernard of Auvergne son of Warin of Macon
10. Solomon Beuve Cornebut
11. Ruth Swan of Metz
12. Gerard Swan Knight of Metz

Matilda of Flanders, wife of William the Conqueror

Maternal Ancestry of Matilda of Flanders

1. Matilda of Flanders
2. Adele of France [maried Balwin V of Flanders]
3. Constance of Arles [married Robert II the Pious of France]
4. Adelias of Anjou [married William I of Provence]
5. Gerberga of Maine [married Fulk II of Anjou]
6. Godehilde of Maine [married Herve Count of Maine]
7. Godehilde of Franks [married Godefroi de Maine]
8. Ermentrude of Orleans [married Charles the Bald]
9. Princess Engeltrude [married Eudes of Orleans son of Hadrian of Orleans]
10. Queen Redburga (b.787) married Egbert King of England (son of King Egbert II of Kent and Saxony and Ida of Autun(daughter of Theodoric II (Aumery/Nehemiah/Namen) of Septimania)

Swan Maidens are the female descendants of Perceval Guardian of the Holy Grail

The Swan Maidens

1. Bilhah Dhoude Perfet- Mar Eliyahu of Barcelona
2. Alberada (Ava) of Lorraine and Roucy - married Bouchard Prefect of the Royal Hunt
3. Ermentrude de Roucy Queen of Lombardy- Aubri de Macon
4. Alberada of Lorraine - Reginar of Lorraine (Ranier) and Roucy
5. Gerberga Queen of France- Giselbert Dukeof Lorraine
6. St Matilda Holy Roman Empress- Henry the Fowler Holy Roman Emperor
7. Regnhild (Reyna/ Malka) of Babylon-Theodoric (Dietrich/Todros) of Saxony
8. Malka (Reginhild/ Reyna)- Zakkai (Gudrod/Rosh Galuta) Babylonian Exilarch

4. Ava (Heilwig) of Bavaria - married Burkhard II Duke of Swabia
5. Judith of Bavaria - married Henry (Heinrich)Duke of Bavaria
6. Alberada of Thurgovie- Duke Arnulf of Bavaria
7. Blichilde (Bilhah) of Lahngau - Adalbert (Alberic)I Count of Thurgovie
8. Ava of Fruili - Gebhard of Lahngau
9. Engeltrude of Paris - married Hunroch of Fruili
10. Adaltrude of Franks - married Count Bego of Paris
11. Gerswinde Hildegarde - married Charlemagne
12. Imma of Bavaria - married Gershom ben Judah
13. Imma of Aquitaine - married Tassilo III of Bavaria
14. Bertrude of Neustria - married Norbert of Aquitaine
15. Clotilde of Metz - married King Thierry III of Neustria
16. Ruth of Hesbaye - married Ansoud of Metz
17. Geberge (Geveret) - married Levi of Metz
18. Ava ha Geveret - married Omer (Aumer) ha Ari of Sarras
19. Gertrude (Ava ha Geveret) - married Nasi Aumeric (Ricaumer/ Eomenoric/ Mar Amorai/ Amr/Noah/Nowy/ Mordred)King of Kent and Calalus
20. Dindaine - married Peredur (Perceval/Perczival)of the Grail Platter
21. Blanchfleur Dindaine - married Vahan the Wolf (Kayl) of Armenia
22. Corun (Ciaron/Ciarra) - married Nathan Todros (Tudwal)of Britain

The Ancient Swan Landscape of Glastonbury Tor